No one grows alone
and no one knows that better then Francesca.

Inspired by the life of her twin sister Emily, who lived with a severe form of cerebral palsy and passed away in 2013, Francesca smashes cannabis industry stigmas and stereotypes. Her goal? Expand access to the plant so others can enjoy a better quality of life.

Francesca has been a cannabis industry entrepreneur since 2016. In her speaking and business, Francesca knocks down barriers to build
a stronger, more sustainable cannabis community.

Planning your next cannabis industry event? Let Francesca grow something great for you.

Cannabis cultivators
need a wake up call.

...and not just because their indica is too strong.

Cannabis cultivators face all kinds of
challenges—licensing, regulations, costs, the
munchies, losing their piece in the couch cushions, you name it.

But when it comes to the biggest threat, the industry is less like a stoner comedy and more like a thriller, because the call is coming from inside the house!!

Heres the harsh truth:

harsh truth

There’s a stubborn stigmatization around professional sales in the cannabis industry. This stigma is understandable, but it’s holding cannabis businesses back, and it’s leaving the entire industry wide open to disruption by mega-corporations looking to cash in on the “green rush.”

Francesca helps audiences plant the seed to make their businesses—and the craft cannabis market overall—more resilient.


In her speech No One Grows Alone, Francesca challenges cannabis businesses to adapt and evolve.

Set stubborn stigmas ablaze.

Like a glimpse into the future, this speech inspires a massive shift in thinking. Francesca destigmatizes professional sales in cannabis and gives audiences the tools they need to build more sustainable cannabis businesses.

By showing cannabis producers how to change their mindset and build professional sales programs, Francesca helps them cultivate consistent growth now so they can reap the harvest (plus way more business) later.

No One Grows Alone isnt just a speechits a powerful, necessary call to action.

Learn more about it here.
Francesca Vavala

A serial entrepreneur breaking down barriers in cannabis

To foster this crucial transformation, Francesca draws on her years of experience as a cannabis industry entrepreneur.

Sales joint Terrapin

A serial entrepreneur breaking down barriers in cannabis

A serial entrepreneur breaking down barriers in cannabis

Let Francesca supercharge your audience and put them on track for long-term success.

Francesca’s CBD company Terrapin Select uses rigorous standards of quality and a focus on customer education to offer the highest-integrity CBD products possible. And as president of The Sales Joint, Francesca helps craft cannabis growers thrive by connecting them with purchasers and teaching them how to build sustainable, professional sales programs to fortify their business for long-term success.

The professional sales methodology and mindset that Francesca shares in her speech has been a key factor in the success of both Terrapin Select and The Sales Joint.

Francesca knows the cannabis industry inside and out. She sees its potential, she knows the challenges it faces, and she’s working to make it as sustainable as possible so more people can benefit from access to cannabis.

Francesca Vavala

Lets Grow Together.

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