Francescas story starts on a chilly March morning at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

There, she and her sister Emily—born conjoined twins—were surgically separated at only four days old, making them the youngest conjoined twins to be successfully separated in U.S. history.

While Francesca and Emily grew up together and shared a wonderful, happy childhood, Emily lived with a severe form of cerebral palsy resulting from complications during her birth. In 2013, she passed away.

Not long after Emily’s passing, Francesca learned that the cannabis plant possesses antispasmodic properties. These properties could’ve helped improve Emily’s quality of life, and they have the potential to help millions of others with similar conditions live safer, healthier, happier, and more comfortable lives.

Francesca Vavala

And soon after this discovery, Francesca found herself on a life-changing journey.

Invigorated by this knowledge, Francesca set out to challenge the way that everyone—from cannabis skeptics to cannabis cultivators, distributors, and consumers—thinks about cannabis.

Today, Francesca celebrates and honors Emily’s life as a serial cannabis industry entrepreneur.

As president of The Sales Joint, Franesca helps legacy and craft producers who want to sell to dispensaries put the business in their cannabis businesses.

By helping fortify the cannabis industry through professional sales, Francesca is working toward a day when everyone, everywhere will be able to achieve a better quality of life through cannabis.