For too many craft cannabis producers,
the mere thought of implementing a professional sales operation conjures images
of slick, smooth-talking business sharks in pinstripe suits.

But cultivators don’t want to think of
themselves that way, and absolutely no one wants to buy weed from someone like that.
So rather than take the necessary steps to protect their business and industry, the can
just gets kicked down the road.

For craft cannabis to survive, that has to change.

In her groundbreaking speech
No One Grows Alone,

harsh truth

...and she gives them the tools they need to unlock
lasting, sustainable growth.

Here’s how your audience will grow:

  • They’ll learn the key to long-term success in the
    cannabis industry, so they can thrive.
  • They’ll learn what it takes to build a dependable professional sales process, so they don’t have to wing it.
  • They’ll learn to anticipate future cannabis industry challenges, so they can plan to beat them.
  • They’ll learn to challenge their own thinking around professional sales so that their business stays resilient through changes in the market.
Francesca Vavala

Book Francesca for your event and watch as these nugs of wisdom blossom… no pinstripe suit required.

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